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Geothermal Systems in Central Illinois

Commerical Geothermal

Kickapoo Drilling Co. LLC's commercial division is full Union, Employing Operating Engineers and Local Laborers. From Field inspection and design review to grouting and system installations, our highly trained and experienced staff obtains the knowledge, experience and resources to handle all your commerical geothermal needs.
Our Commerical Drilling Services Include:
  • Geothermal Conductivity Testing
  • Vertical Closed Loop Wells
  • Standard and Enhanced Grouting
  • Horizontal Loop Field Header Systems
  • Inground Vaults with Manifold Systems
  • Consulting and Design Review
  • Field Inspections and Quality Control
Partial List of Completed Projects:
  • Lincoln Rural Fire Department, Lincoln, IL
  • Bloomington Fire Department, Bloomington, IL
  • Maroa-Forsyth Elementary School, Forsyth, IL
  • Glen Oak Learning Center, Peoria, IL
  • Harrison Elementary School, Peoria, IL
  • Lincoln's Tomb, Springfield, IL
  • Extreme Makeover- Home Edition- Philo, IL
  • Booker T. Washington School, Champaign, IL

Residential Geothermal

Residential Geothermal Diagram of Vertical Loop
Residential Geothermal Diagram of Horizontal Loop

Kickapoo Drilling Company LLC can install two different types of closed loop geothermal systems. The vertical closed loops system is often preferred over the horizontal closed loop system for the reasons of less space required for the loop system and that it is slightly more efficient. Below the 20' depth there is only a 1 degree change per 100 foot of depth. It is not affected by annual rain fall, higher or lower temperatures and soil moisture.
Two major parts to a geothermal in ground loop system are the loops and manifolding system that ties the loops together to bring them underground into the home.
Your heating contractor will be able to size the building load. This is why choosing a professional and reliable geothermal contractor is very important. Ask for references and/or list of projects completed. If a system is not sized properly, it will not provide the most energy efficiency possible.
We can recommend one or more heating contractors in your area. Once they size your system they can provide us the number of units and the size (tons) for each. One ton equals 12,000 BTU's. We will do a site visit, and if you are having a water well drilled they can be done at the same time for placement and permitting the wells.